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TCP INC. is a registered not-for-profit incorporated association. All proceeds stay within the organization for development & generation of projects of integrity.

With your interest, support & financial donations, TCP will flourish into an online support service that caters to the needs of individuals & community members within a creative space.

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TCP aims to facilitate communications & connectivity throughout the first phase of its development, with supportive resources & services coming soon…

We understand that your time is valuable & we would like to thank you for your interest by providing our information & services at no charge. Our generosity is without expectation, but there are ways that you can help…

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Human Rights acts are legislative which means it’s created by parliament. A Human Rights Act will assist in protecting our economic, social and cultural rights.

A Human Rights Act would provide a safeguard so that our politicians can’t simply overlook human rights considerations when making laws.

Parliament needs submissions from the community to show their interest in having a say about changing  those laws.

Human Rights are in your DNA.

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Published mid 2015, Kelly’s first Poetry Zine titled “Dying: To Meet You” began when a collection of poems synchronistically aligned to light the path on the journey of coming to know. Among Kelly’s other writing contributions, she & a close network of friends, colleagues & antiquities have continued to ‘think tank’ TCP.

All proceeds from ‘Dying: To Meet You’ will go towards TCP and Time to Say Forum to continue social justice awareness, spread positivity & communicate via a biocentric focused forum.



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