Search tips

Clicking on the Key Topics links in the right hand column of the home page leads to a listing of all relevant items, starting with the most recent.

On the Search the database page, a simple keyword search is made by entering a word or acronym in the Search frame without selecting topics or a date range.

A search for garrett or milne will find all items by Peter Garrett or Christine Milne and items by others in which their names are mentioned.
A search for comet will find all COMET grant announcements.
A search for pm will find all announcements by Kevin Rudd and John Howard when they were prime minister.
A search for indigenous will find all items relating to indigenous Australians.

Selecting one or more topics in the full Topics list without entering a keyword leads to a listing of all relevant items.

A search can be refined by entering a keyword and selecting one or more topics

A search for keyword wong with topic Water selected will find all items in which Penny Wong discussed water.
A search for wa with topics Health and Education will find all items in those topics which mention WA.

A search can be further refined by entering a key word, selecting one or more topics, and entering a date range.