From abstract to concrete.


Don’t want
To touch on
That place in me-

It is mine, it is private.

My silence
Does not imply
Consent or enjoyment


Pointless Seeking

Half-filled void
Slowly trickles
Funnelled through
A hole in space
With no end.

Beginning at an opening
Created by our nature
Of separation.

I feel the divide.
It multiplies in me
And subtracts from any addition
Intended to fulfil.

Stillness: Body

Sitting with,
Standing by,
Passing out;
Wait a while.

The motion
Of passive breath,
Feelings passing through,
Filtered by blinking lids
And digesting
Over time.

The fact is the only true stillness is in ceasing to exist.

For even the function of being alive is an action in itself.


Stillness: Mind

Serenity in silence,
Chit-chat, quieted.
Ambushed by absurdity
And relentless thought-violence.


In between my ears,
My mouth,

Addiction to action.
Medication = meditation.

I will think of thinking no thoughts.


Stillness: Spirit

Weary, wise soul;
Rest in the knowing
Of one, of self.

Timeless, infinite space
For your essence to dwell
In and around.

No rush,
You won’t get far
With no energy.

Replenish in peaceful rest.

Joyless Ride

Out of necessity
I become automated.

Eventually requires no thought.
No room for new input
When it’s always ben done
That way.

There’s a bug in that program!
I am trained to swat.

God forbid, I
And pilot my passions.



If each grain of sand
Took a second to form.
Would I count the specks to
Expect significance of the number?


Don’t wear underwear

Smooth and seamless;
Hopes for
Future life experiences.
To and fro, on the go.


Grown out of it

My home town
Has changed so much
It is barely recognizable.

Like I am,
Only to those who know
What it looked like
Under the shiny layers
Of newness.

Glossy and larger than life.

Far Too Close

I left
My desire
Under our pillow.
Sleep on it.

Ensure our sanctimony
Upon my return.
Allow your dreams to perfuse it.

From afar…

My voice, you cannot hear,
But you understand
The language
Of my heart.

Cut-throat and Crucial

You’ve never done
So nurturing and nourishing
For me,
Nor have I
Ever been so humbled
As when you’ve embodied rest
And asked for help.

I’m honoured
To be by your side
In your vulnerability.

Each step you take,
I will be there.

Thank you
For your gifts of life
That keep giving.
For your unwavering strength,
That generous nature,
Warmth and patience.

To care means to give
And also receive.
I’ll look out for you
And you’ll look out for me.

25th August, 2017

The Child’s Way

A moment of respect
To the mothers
Of helpless fools.

Escape the Addict

Your eyes droop,
With holes in your skin.

I’ve seen it before…

So it’s no shock for me this time.

Sure, you’ve been worse
You’ve also been better.

Vital Deficiency

I would feel ill
At being indifferent
To sustenance.


Oh god…
It’s settling in.
I can’t see it,
But it’s making a home
Inside of me.

I can feel it…
I cannot grasp it
I don’t, yet know
Its meaning

Or if I’ll submit
To its terms.


I’m sorry  |  for all the startover  |  moments  |

The tragedies you’ve endured  |

For all  | my lies  | intentions  |  implied  |

My whimsy, never actioned |

I’m so frustrated  |  I’ve got no way to say it  |

My needs  |  change  | growth is inevitable  |

Along  |  this path  |

Surrender to  |  being  | opened up  |

Rearranged by a force  |  you have  | no control over.


Know Direction

It is what it is… Its existence imperative. Co-operation with it means rules. Schema, set. It must be quantifiable, in order, to qualify. Facts of the world argued amongst one and all, statements thrown like fists defending beliefs. To judge a number on its morals? Codes impact realities. Alterations, separations, divisions; thoughts, people. Defining, taking sides. We observe and repeat, becoming unchangeable. With concepts in practice we fight to be unbeatable, for justice as our rights and law as our truths. Stand with or under what we believe in: completeness of theory, proven comprehensive, may be accepted.

Make It Stop

In those final moments

So full of ache and loss,

So tender; raw.

I’ll be there

In awe

Of all you

Were, are and ever could have been.

I wished for a minute more, for time to pause.

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