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TCP INC. was founded in 2013

TCP INC is an incorporated association founded in 2013, directed by a registered nurse and lobbyist, created out of a need to adapt responsively to the difficulties of sourcing peer-reviewed health and human rights information and services. Included in this database are stories and opinions of others, these do not necessarily reflect those of this organization. This tool does not provide medical or legal advice; it is intended for informational purposes only. Please contact us if you would like to share links to your services or information.

The next stage of this project includes a forum with user profiles and electronic zine making software to enable discussion and expansion on these non-trivial topics. Information that is fact-checked, with verified feedback from supportive peers, is essential to alleviate healthcare and legal referral burdens. The needs of the individual, the importance of accessibility, identity, structure and privacy in compiling and sharing personal impact stories relating to health or human rights issues are points of focus for TCP.

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