"IN the past decade human rights in Australia and Tasmania have been under attack from the extreme Right amalgam of conservative groups keen to maintain their power and advantage at the expense of disadvantaged minority groups...However, the tyranny of ki [ Read more ]

"Liability on internet companies acting as intermediaries, hosting and transmitting third-party content and the requirement that they monitor for terror content may lead them to overdo removal of controversial content, according to the report. Legal deman [ Read more ]

"Study participants who used the brain exercises reported less cognitive impairment, stress, fatigue, and anxiety/depression immediately after training and six months later. This is the first time a study has shown a practical intervention to be effective [ Read more ]

"Teaching kids to speak up about bullying doesn't go far enough in tackling the atrocious state of young people's mental health." [ Read more ]

"There is a powerful two-way relationship between HIV infection and mental disorders. Mental and substance use disorders can increase vulnerability to acquiring HIV infection and they can pose serious barriers to successful management of HIV." [ Read more ]

"While the effect of regular physical exercise training on physical performance in selected dialysis patients studied in standardised experimental settings in the laboratory is well documented, how exercise training should be articulated and implemented s [ Read more ]

"Australian Human Rights Commission President, Gillian Triggs, said governments must genuinely engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to address issues such as property rights, justice targets and escalating incarceration rates." [ Read more ]

"The stigma surrounding mental health could be easing as young Queenslanders recognise mental health as one of the three biggest issues facing Australia today, a survey has found." [ Read more ]

Are you going through some first-time experiences like buying your first car, moving out of home, first job or getting your first big bill? Everyone's a rookie first time around and it's easy to make mistakes - mistakes that could cost you a lot. Be a M [ Read more ]

"Most of us probably won't ever experience a psychotic episode, but many of us will, at some time or another, feel mentally unwell. Feeling mentally unwell is not the same as being mentally ill, but they both lie on the same spectrum." [ Read more ]

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TCP INC. was founded in 2013

as a way to document and store information relating to personal legal and health challenges. There are challenges faced in finding information and services relevant to personal circumstances in a time where misinformation is rife and the referral burden is huge. As the proof-of-concept database on this website expands, we aim to provide a forum that educates its users in the art of deliberation, argumentation and verification of facts.

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