Extended Biography



adjective: shared or done by a group of people : involving all members


noun: fact or event that can be observed & studied that is typically unusual or difficult to understand or explain completely

Extended Biography

Kelly completed a Bachelor of Nursing in 2012 with interest and experience in palliative & holistic care provision. Learning how to concept map was the most valuable skill obtained during her degree.

She attended Australian Catholic University at both Aquinas (Ballarat, VIC) & McAuley (Banyo, QLD) campuses, having been an aspiration since Kelly was four years old. Throughout the duration of her degree, Kelly was actively involved in multiple community engagement projects and activities within the university including Staff- Student Consultative Committee Representative, event planning and a term as Secretary of the Student Association. Kelly founded the Social Justice Group at McAuley campus and was an instrumental and founding member of St John’s Ambulance (FOSJA) affiliation program at Aquinas campus.

Kelly deferred her degree mid-way to live in Darwin. During this time she worked & studied Children’s Services & Nutrition. Prior to commencing her degree, Kelly excelled in economic studies, sciences & creative writing. Her studious nature has its roots in her past- a shy, conscientious child that collected pamphlets & encyclopaedias; transmuting accumulated adversity with the privilege of knowledge acquisition.

After completing a graduate position at the hospital she was born in & studying alternative therapies for six months, Kelly transitioned from conventional nursing.  Disheartening experiences with bureaucratic processes of systems intended to protect vulnerable/ at-risk groups & an illness resulting in surgery required Kelly to reconsider her career options. Kelly pursues benevolent interests across the fields of advocacy, social justice, technology, & business sector innovation.

Post-nursing, Kelly secured an internship within a web design start-up. She garnered industry insight in branding, human resources, client relationship management, compliance & procurement strategies, marketing & content creation. After completing a diploma in Project Management, Kelly has gone on to consult for another Technology start-up whilst studying a dual diploma in Business Management, Administration & Leadership. She aims to develop as an entrepreneur in the technology and creative content management fields.

In 2015, Kelly has registered an incorporated association in preparation for beta implementation of a cutting-edge software project that connects users with health and support services; simultaneously providing a unique online platform for creative & collaborative connection. As a side project, Kelly has indulged her talent for poetry by publishing a poetry anthology titled “Dying: To Meet You” & more recently, a story for a collaborative publication for release in 2016  pertaining to advocacy for human rights.

The integrity of Kelly’s career trajectory and fluid adaptability stems from her strong network of peers & surprising resilience in the face of adversity. Through her connections, both past and present, Kelly has morphed her personal relationships into professional opportunities which reflect her passion for collaboration, advocacy, social justice and inclusivity.

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Kelly aims to develop as an entrepreneur in the technology and creative content management fields.


Key Activities

  • content creation
  • open forum
  • creative commons
  • feedback & user analysis
  • affiliate & project opportunities
  • mesh nodes & networking
  • hybrid cloud storage
  • on demand service
  • app creation
  • interactivity