Monday, 3 June 2019


"In fact, persons suffering with mental illness are much more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence. Yet, according to stakeholders across the political spectrum, we should be wary of those with "mental illness."?, [ Read more ]

"Without a way to rebuild financially, survivors typically won't leave an abuser. If they do, they risk homelessness, losing custody of their children, or having to return to their abuser. Often, survivors will visit shelters several times but never actu [ Read more ]


"The new studies, published in the journals Group Processes & Intergroup Relations and European Journal of Social Psychology, suggest that people who view their everyday interactions through the lens of their ethnicity or sexual orientation are more likel [ Read more ]

"We curate health information you need to know from the most trusted sources and send it to you for free" [ Read more ]


"After years of trying to hide my struggles, I've learnt not to apologise for my mental-health issues. Like any illness, I didn't ask for depression. I do my best to handle it, which, for me, means a combination of antidepressants and therapy. I speak o [ Read more ]

"Unlimited cloud storage, Our average user backs up more than 100 500 photos, documents,, work files and other valuable data, We don't limit how much you can backup and don't charge extra for it., Сhange the way you work by having access to all your fi [ Read more ]

"We are concerned that a small subset of gamers might be struggling, but we do not believe critical standards of evidence have been met to merit a new diagnostic category for gaming disorder by the WHO." [ Read more ]

"We're building an immersive auditory experience that will unlock your imagination. Your virtual personality will talk you through a flirty, intelligent and arousing sexual adventure. Our content will guide you through self-discovery, encourage you to ex [ Read more ]


"It's been proven time and again that no, mass shootings are not about mental health. But for as fashionable as it's become to emphasize "reporting"? potentially unstable behavior, or "getting people the help they need"? and treating them "before it's [ Read more ]


"Why set a child up for issues and limitations that may or may not be conquerable? Why put a child on track for difficulties in life from age 2? We work all the time with children to enable them to overcome behavioral and emotional limitations caused by p [ Read more ]

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