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Monday, 21 January 2019


"These are balance, motion, pressure, pain, fatigue, breathing, temperature, appetite and expulsion (vomiting, defecating, etc) as well as itch." [ Read more ]


Tweaked, Freaked or Post-Traumatically Stressed Out? Wondering how it can hurt so bad when you can't feel a thing? Pull up a cyber blankie and click on the categories below sorted as follows:Literary Inspirations. You aren't broken -- just symptomatic. [ Read more ]


"Having read the maker's instructions, nine out of 10 people made mistakes of some kind in fitting a restraint into their car. Governments clearly have more work to do here, in publicising the issue and the dangers of getting a relatively straightforward [ Read more ]

"New figures show patients using their private health insurance to pay for elective surgery in public hospitals are treated twice as fast as those without." [ Read more ]

"People with eating disorders may soon have access to more than 10 Medicare supported psychological treatment sessions each year, thanks to a recommendation made by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt." [ Read more ]


"The ABC has documented numerous cases of abuse and mistreatment of disabled people, particularly in group homes, and the open letter expresses dismay that the Federal Government chose not to proceed with an earlier recommendation for a royal commission." [ Read more ]

At this day and age, where the world keeps on evolving through technological advancement, there are people who strives to make education more meaningful, powerful and effective. Here are twenty talks they gave at TED. [ Read more ]


Advances in breast cancer treatment in recent years have saved and extended the lives of tens of thousands of women. But breast cancer and its treatments can increase the likelihood of anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, pain, stress, and other negati [ Read more ]


Though sunburn is often laughed off as a side effect of a leisurely visit to the beach or the pool, it can be quite serious. [ Read more ]

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